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European Heritage Days 2020

On Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September, the GEP – European Heritage Days, the largest and most popular cultural event in Europe, are celebrated in Italy.
Guided tours, extraordinary openings, digital initiatives will be organized in state museums and places of culture, which will be accessed at ordinary times and costs. In addition, on Saturday evening museum openings are planned with admission at the symbolic cost of 1 euro.
each institute will communicate about the safety rules and methods of use adopted in order to guarantee the protection of the health of the staff and for visitors and in particular to avoid gatherings and ensure social distancing, according to the legislation and provisions in force at the time. the implementation of the initiatives.
The theme “Learning for life” is the slogan chosen by MiBACT, taking a cue from the one proposed by the Council of Europe “Heritage and Education – Learning for Life”, to recall the benefits that derive from cultural experience and the transmission of knowledge in modern society .
The proposal, in fact, is to reflect on the role that training has had, and continues to have, in the transfer of information, knowledge and skills to the new generations, and on the value that traditional knowledge can assume in relation to the unprecedented challenges of the present. and the growing weight of modern technology. And this taking into account both the intrinsically specific elements of the different territorial contexts and the importance that knowledge, traditions, local experiences have had, at various levels, in the creation of a recognized and shared cultural heritage.
In this perspective, the places of culture are called to play a leading role, being the historical-artistic heritage vehicle of knowledge of the past, of reflection on current events, of inspiration for the future. Of particular significance are the initiatives proposed by the museums on the basis of a path shared with the communities and bodies who are the custodians of local traditions and knowledge, but also the activities organized in synergy with schools and universities, aimed at building a new museum story that takes into account the current training needs and, at the same time, the demands of knowledge expressed by the new generations.
How to join for non-state cultural sites
To join the GEP and insert your initiative in the Ministry’s online program, you can contact the Regional Directorate for Museums of Marche.